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We at the Green Energy Dr. have been installing Spray Foam Insulation in San Diego and the greater San Diego area for over 4 years.   We have seen so many different situations and home types that I have learned 1 important fact.  If you do not like wasting money and you truly want the maximum out of your investment, you better call a professional to help.

Here Are a Few Facts About Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to planning out the construction details of your dream house or remodel, there are a few essentials items that can contribute to a efficient home and comfortable living environment.   Windows and doors, are important, but the most important item in your home is proper insulation.  If you are a home owner who wants to opt for an eco friendly and energy conserving property, then spray foam insulation is the choice that is surely to prove ideal for you to maximize your homes energy efficiency. We offer expert services for installing spray foam insulation in your home, to help you acquire efficient living conditions, which conserves energy and reduces your monthly utility bills!  All you have to do to avail the benefits of spray foam insulation at your property is give us a call at Green Energy Dr.. San Diego, and we will take care of everything else.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is the modern alternative to the traditional and somewhat outdated technique of property insulation through fiberglass. It comprises of a mixture of polyurethane resin and a foaming catalyst, which is used to insulate the roof, attics, ceilings, wall cavities, holes and concrete slabs.  Our foam system off gasses only Carbon Dioxide the same gas that you and I breath out, so it is considered to be a non-toxic system compared to some of the other foam systems out there.  This form of insulation ensures the efficient conservation of energy on a property, thus ensuring reduction in energy wastage and mounting monthly bills.  A high pressure system technique of applying spray foam insulation is used in both newly constructed & remodel projects.

What Is The Difference Of Open And Closed Cell Foam Insulation?

Are you confused with the terminologies? Don’t be! Open cell foam insulation is just a type of property insulation that is lighter and has a soft sponge like appearance.  It is used 90% of the time in indoor insulation jobs and has a Classic R-Value of about 3.75 per inch and a Effective R-Value of about 7.5 per inch. Closed cell insulation has a denser consistency and is a very good and effective water vapor barrier. It is most often used for insulating house roofs, and other outdoor or commercial property insulation projects.  It is used sometimes indoors pending on the application that the contractor / home owner desires.

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It has a Classic R-Value of about 7.5 per inch and a Effective R-Value of about 15 per inch.  Even though closed cell has a better insulator value per inch it is less desired to use indoors on homes due to its difficulty to work with and clean up. Don’t worry about which type of spray foam insulation would be best for your house. Our expert team will offer you consultation guidance, along with efficient services to make your property safe and protected.

Why To Opt For Spray Foam Insulation?

As you surely want to opt for the best services available in the market to ensure the permanent charm and perfect condition of your house, while safeguarding your investment in the property, spray foam insulation will offer you numerous benefits to help your achieve your goals.

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  • Avoid Loss Of Energy

As most of the energy on your property is lost by means of air filtration through the doors, windows, roof and walls, the ideal way to prevent its loss is to have a properly insulated house. According to an estimate, properties which have been insulated with the spray foam insulation technique, offer around 50% more efficient insulation and energy conservation, compared to the regular traditional insulation methods.

  • Protection Against Moisture

By opting for our spray foam insulation services, you can safeguard your property from the effects of moisture, which might develop into mold or mildew over time. Through our insulation services, you can save your property easily avoidable yet expensive remodeling and repair work.

  • Reduction In Utility Bills

In areas, where the climate is considerably warm, proper property insulation also reduces the air conditioning usage and the associated utility, repair and maintenance costs.

  • A Green Living And Environment Friendly Option

Choosing spray foam insulation for your property is a great green living option, as the technique not only conserves and prevents wastage of energy, but also reduces the quantity of fossil fuel usage, which is in turn beneficial for the environment. So, if you are one who cares for the environment as well as your house, then waste no time in contacting us for our expert insulation services.

A few of the services we offer here in San Diego Ca 92115

I cannot believe it took me so long to make the call!

“Some friends of ours had Green Energy Dr. install Spray Foam Insulation in their attic and they kept telling us how great it was and how much money they saved on their energy bill each month. I kept pushing it off and pushing it off, until one day my electric bill was $750. I called the very next day and Wow... I cannot believe the difference, I do not know why I waited so long.”
Matthew Johnston
- Home Owner

Statistics To Set You Thinking!

According to statistics, around 56% of the average energy bill of a household is comprised of heating and cooling systems on a property. Around 40% of a property’s energy loss can be attributed to air leakage & another 40% can be lost through your attic. If you want to reduce your utility bills and opt for a green living alternative, then Green Energy Dr. s is your best choice in the market!  We will help you select the ideal type of insulation service for your property, and provide you with a free quote and affordable pricing.  This will easily enable you to implement the much needed additional protection to your home.

How much does Spray Foam Insulation Cost in San Diego California 92115?

Well we are here to help: Please feel free to call or fill out the contact for for a Fast Free No Obligation Price Quote: 

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  • "I called Green Energy Dr. to come give me a estimate on my new house. They were fast, friendly and had a great price. I highly recommend them to anybody!"
    Jack Dobson
    - Home Owner
  • "My house was not getting as cool as I would like it so I called Green Energy Dr. out to see what suggestions they had for me. They tuned up my HVAC system and installed Spray Foam insulation in my attic. Its amazing.. Its only been 2 months and I have already saved over $800 on my electric bill"
    Jill Hunter
    - Home Owner
  • "I had some commercial rental properties that were costing me a fortune in electricity each month. Green Energy Dr. came out and installed Spray Foam Insulation in my buildings and it was night and day the savings. Plus they were clean, fast and very professional to deal with."
    Richard Roe
    - Owner Roe Investments

Fiberglass insulation over time will settle and can lose up to 90 % of its insulating value-- Spray foam does not settle! When fiberglass is compressed to fit in and around pipes,wires and other objects in the walls, it can lose up to 80 % of its insulating properties.Spray foam expands around everything and does not lose its insulating properties. Fiberglass is usually installed in a way that makes it difficult to get into all the cornersand other areas that can not be reached by hand. This means that those areas do not getinsulated. Spray foam can be "Sprayed" into the smallest of areas and it expands to over a1000 times, squeezing into and insulating the smallest of areas. Fiberglass is prone to air leaks; it does not seal and allows air movement both withinitself and around. Spray Foam seals and stops air movement within itself and around. Moreover, a University of Arizona study showed that Spray foam is typically twice aseffective as Fiberglass insulation. 

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