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Insulation Repair with Spray Foam Insulation

One of the first places that we begin to look when we want to cut energy cost is in the
attic. More than likely if you have an older home you will have fiberglass insulation in your attic.
Most of the newer homes also are insulated with fiberglass insulation only because they were not
aware of the benefits that spray foam insulation could bring them. If you do have fiberglass  insulation over time this insulation will compress and sink and you will not have the  same R- value that you had when you first insulated. Before adding more fiberglass insulation you should look at the spray foam option

Before I explain to you why spray foam is a better choice let me take the time to explain
to you how your home works. Your home is a living object that is constantly moving air in and
out of your home. That is why you have an air exchanger on your HVAC unit. Try this
experiment to help you understand. Make sure your unit is running.  Locate your air return filter.
When your unit is running it will move air from throughout your house back to your air return.
To see how this works make sure all your bathroom and bedroom doors are closed. Feel at the
bottom of your doors to see if you feel air moving from out of the room to your air return.

Insulation Repair PhotoThis is the same thing that is happening between your attic and your living areas in your
home. Hot air is being sucked down through the air leaks in your attics. You have air leaks
around your ceiling fixtures, vents, speakers, recessed lights, and around knee walls in your attic.
There are other places where air leakage occurs that you would never even dream off. Even if
you have traditional fiberglass insulation you may have the R-value that you need but you still
have the air leaks. Your attic need to be sealed not just insulated.

The only way to truly seal your attic and insulate at the same time is to use spray foam
insulation. Spray foam has a higher R-value than insulation. When you install this foam it is
blown into your attic and does a fantastic job of sealing the leaks that are in your attic. When you
seal these leaks your hot air will not be pulled into your living area from your attic. Spray foam
will adhere to your ceiling joists in your attic and have a much tighter seal than regular insulation
that is stapled to your ceiling joists. The holes around your plumbing pipes and electrical wires
will also be sealed. It is much easier to apply spray foam to location that otherwise would be
impossible to install standard fiberglass insulation.

If you are considering adding more fiberglass insulation to what you already have or if
you are starting a new construction project find a spray foam contractor in your area and contact
him so he can explain and show the extreme benefits that spray foam has to offer. Visit  our home page at http://sandiegosprayfoaminsulation.com/

In this video you will see an application of Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation that was applied to the roof deck of an auto repair shop in Ladson South Carolina. Before this application the Auto Repair shop was having issues where the nails securing the sheet metal roof were backing out due to metal movement from the wind causing water leaks as well as a very uncomfortable environment from the heat.
This application of Closed Cell Spray foam has added about 200%-300% structural stability locking the metal roof into place and preventing movement, thus eliminating the nail problem and at the same time greatly reduced the thermal transfer of heat keeping the shop cooler in the summer and water proofing the metal roof.


  • LiquidSneak510 April 27, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Doing this to a roof how much uplift is added?

  • xAirVsPaintx April 28, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    this looks fun to do

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