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Spray Foam is used for insulation on different types of crevices as well as cracks. The work of this insulation is to remove the air or cracks by expanding and forming a moisture-resistant as well as an airtight seal in the building. Heating or cooling procedures are a real pocket pinch but on the other hand, using spray foam insulation can serve the same purpose in a cost effective manner. Over time, it has obviously replaced the traditional insulation methods of fiberglass but it is definitely expensive when compared to the traditional methods. The buildings are also protected from mold as well as pests. There are several pros and cons associated with this type of insulation. An insight into the same:

PROS:Spray Foam Pros and Cons

  • Using traditional insulation methods often leaves cracks and gaps because of its application in layers. These are passages for air to escape, which eventually lowers the building’s temperature. Spray foam insulation on the other hand expands to fill in all the gaps so that no cracks are left unattended. Thus the air is kept inside the building and eventually lowering any bills that you could have to face for cooling or heating purposes.
  •  This not only provides insulation, but also air sealing. Air sealing happens because of the ability of the foam to expand and fill all the cracks, crevices and gaps.
  • High density and thick layers are a result of Spray foam insulation because of the high R-value, being 6 to 6.5.
  • The installation process in this case is not only simple, but also quite speedy.
  • Once you have used this form of insulation, you can be rest assured and forget it in the future since it would never settle, shift or fall out of place creating the gaps once again. Spray foam insulation always stays in place.
  • It is difficult to remove or even destroy this insulation as it clings on to the surface tightly.
  • Any kind of allergens, being mold or mildew are prevented by this insulation.
  • By preventing the infiltration of moisture the risk of any kind of rotten wood is also avoided.


  • To many users, the spray looks very unattractive after being used.
  • Sometimes, this spray foam expands up to those areas where it is not required. Hence it becomes necessary to clean and remove the foam from these areas.
  • Sometimes, the structure of the home has to be compromised to a great extent when the foam is used in great quantities.
  • Spray foam insulation cannot be done by a layman. It is essential to call a professional so that he can do it.
  • There also exists a risk of the R-value of the foam to degrade as time passes.
  • This insulation can also become messy at times.
  • The installation process might be quick, but it requires protective clothing to be worn along with respirators for proper protection and safety.
  • This whole procedure is sensitive to temperature, particularly cold weather which can cause foaming action.

Be sure to keep in mind all the pros and cons before you decide on getting your building a Spray Foam Insulation done.


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