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Why To Opt For Spray Foam Roofing

While seeking to insulate the roof of a property, there are a number of factors which need to be taken into consideration. As the roof is the most exposed structure of the entire property, it is exposed to a variety of harsh conditions which not only affects its overall look, but also the strength of the structure.

Moisture, mold, mildew and other climatic conditions affect the roof of a property and the external temperature tends to fluctuate the indoor temperature as well. The trick to ensure a strong and dependable roof structure is to protect it through proper insulation, which is sure to have a beneficial impact on the overall comfort level of the house because of protection against external harsh climatic effects.

Spray foam roofing is an effective option for all property owners seeking the latest alternative to traditional insulation methods. While opting to implement insulation on the property roof, spray foam serves as the ideal choice for a number of reasons, of which some of the most important are discussed below:

  • Reduced Air-Conditioning Costs

The suspended aluminum particles of the spray foam roofing material reflect the UV radiations which assist in reducing the air-conditioning expenses of a property. The surface temperature is maintained at a low which has a significant impact on the utility bills of an establishment.Reduced utility costs are a great reason to opt for spray foam insulation for the property roof.

  • An Eco-Friendly And Green Living Alternative

For property owners who wish to opt for eco-friendly and green living features in houses, spray foam roofing is a suitable option, as it ensures conservation of energy thus reducing the waste from a property.

  • Light Weight Material Option

Being a lightweight material option, it does not cause the roof to sag and thus does nor effect the structure of the property. It ensures a better tolerance to probable snow load, and effectively reduces the risk of roof sag, which is most common in other roof insulation materials.

  • Seamless Material

It ensures a seamless and smooth installation with no risk of leaks or cracks.

  • Elastomeric Properties

The elastomeric properties of the material ensure efficient and effective sealing of all crevices and cracks on the property roof, for proper insulation.

  • Self Flashing Insulation Material

The material easily conforms to a number of irregular shapes, and reduces the risk of parapet, vent and stack leaks.

  • High “R” Value

Spray foam insulation has a high “R” value, which exhibits the material’s high resistance to extreme temperatures.

  • No Fear Of Leaks

The material minimizes the risk of any water leakage on or from the insulated area.

  • Easy And Quick Maintenance

Fast and easy maintenance is required with no long or tiring procedures involved to ensure the proper condition of the insulated roof.

  • No Risk Of Rust

Proper insulation minimizes the risk of rust on the roof of a property.

  • Versatile Use

The material can be used to insulate the roofs of newly constructed properties, and can also be incorporated in reroofing property projects.

  • Reduced Occurrence Of Ponding Water

The material prevents the water from collecting on the roof, and is designed to direct the accumulated water to the roof ducts and drains for easy disposal. Spray foam roofing is a conveniently effective and suitable option for property insulation.



  • Chris GAC June 13, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Of course, U can used Polyurhethanne foam and Polyurea protect. Expensive
    little more than fucking carb dark. But it’s more long duty, more
    insulation. We’re doiung that in France.

  • potpotmaharot March 1, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    if you need a manpower like skilled sprayer pls e mai me at
    charlieocampo20@yahoo.com… thank you sir/s.

  • Robert Dumesnil July 25, 2013 at 6:01 am

    Can you apply this to residential houses? If so why do you not hear about
    this being done more rather than getting the shingles replaced? Would it be
    cost effective to do so? My e-mail is robertdumesnil22@gmail.com. I would
    like to know more if it could be done residentially.

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