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Spray Foam Roofing: A Better Option

Spray foam roofing has been around for a long time.it is better known for more
commercial use than on residential properties. Spray foam was used on bigger roofs because of
its structural integrity. Since it has been discovered have excellent insulation values people have
begun to consider it for use on residential properties. Spray foam is a polyurethane based product
that has a dense property that carries a high R-value. We will tell more about spray foam roofing
as we move forward in this article. Spray foam has become one of the latest and cost worthy
innovations that is available to help you to cut energy cost and save you money

Spray foam is known as Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). It is water proof and has verySan Diego Roofing
good insulation properties. This PDF foam can be sprayed over existing roof or over new
construction materials. It is sprayed continuously to give you a monolithic coat without any
seems. This would make it great for any type of flat roofs. The R-value of a closed-cell foams is
about 7 per inch. If you only added an inch to an existing roof this could cut your energy cost by

SPF is flexible and can be sprayed over any surface. If you have an irregular surface such
as a dome this is a great choice for roofing. Also if you have a lot if protrusion through your
roofs such as exhaust fans and vent pipes spraying them with spray foam will also seal these
cracks. SPF is also lightweight and weighs about 50 lbs. per square foot. Once again just to
remind you spray foam has the best insulation properties available today. A spray foam roof also
has a greater lifespan than your typical roof. It also requires minimum upkeep. In today’s ever
changing climate the lifespan of you roof is a huge deal. Roofing can be expensive and if you are ready to reroof your existing roof consider spray

foam roofing. It can be sprayed directly over the top of an existing shingle roof with no problem.
You can save money by not having to pay extra to get your shingle roof torn of. If you already
have spray foam in your attic think of the saving you could add by installing a spray foam roof.
Even if you have a chopped roof with lots of valleys and hips a spray foam room could still be
applied. The structural integrity the spray foam roof will provide for makes it a great choice for
roofing materials in the coast where hurricane force winds can pound you each year during
hurricane season. The type of bond that spray foam provides will help to hold your roof together
and could possibly save your home.
If you have any questions at all about spray foam roofing contact a local roofing
contractor to see if a spray foam roof is right for you.



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